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Nigerian Blogger, student at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife in Nigeria studying Computer Science. His interests include ICT4D, advocacy and youth bridging the digital divide.

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Nigerian Blogosphere

  30 November 2005

Dabar Objects starts us up this week with “Nigeria and ECommerce: We must be joking”. He pointed out issues about Nigeria doing eCommerce successfully. He discussed why he thinks that even though about 5 million people confortable uses mobile phone in the country, only a minute do eCommerce and that...

This weeks voices from Nigeria and Ghana

  27 October 2005

Chippla reports on the Belleveiw plane crash in Nigeria last weekend. He talks about the first few hours after the plane crashed. He gave an account of Nigerian's perception of Bellview Airlines and why Nigerians considered it the safest, until that black Sunday. UKNaija raises questions about the Nigerian search...

Nigerian Suya!

  20 September 2005

A mala is seen here seated in front of his Suya Stand Suya (pronounced Su-hu-ya) That's the name of a piece of meat roasted on an open heat basin, with Oil, onions and salt. Suya is a popular food among the rich and the Nigerian middle class. Suya is usually...

Nigerian Blogging Scene

  5 September 2005

As the world is getting along well with blogging,the face of blogging in Nigeria is changing surely but slowly. As at the time of writing this piece there are not much (home based) Nigerians blogging especially when looked at in relationship to the number of people using the Internet in the country.