Luisetta Mudie · August, 2005

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Nigeria: No problem with China textiles

  31 August 2005

Chippla echoes a view also seen elsewhere in the African blogosphere; why does the West have a problem with the flood of cheap Chinese textiles to hit world ports since the beginning of the year? “If trade is meant to be free, then let it be.”

Uganda: Forced into prostitution

  31 August 2005

NGO worker Stephen Okello blogs about a conversation with a woman who was forced into prostitution to keep her children alive in war-torn northern Uganda. Many others share her fate, she says.

Zimbabwe: Totalitarian dream

  31 August 2005

Under constitutional changes just signed into law by President Robert Mugabe, Zimbabweans will not be allowed to travel freely if they are deemed “a threat to national security”, laments Zimpundit.

Uzbekistan cuts off gas to Kyrgyzstan

  31 August 2005

Uzbekistan has cut off contracted supplies of natural gas to Kyrgyzstan, blogs Laurence at Registan, a move Kyrgyz officials see as motivated by their government's rescue of 439 Uzbek refugees following violence in the Uzbek city of Andijan in late July. A comment on this post offers another perspective.

Cote d'Ivoire: Mr Ziglibithy

  30 August 2005

Benn loxo has a guest blog about a guitarist from the Cote d'Ivoire who brought a traditional musical form called ziglibithy into a musical world dominated by post-independence francophone pop stars.