Denford Magora

An activist and author from Zimbabwe who writes commentary, analysis and opinion articles frequently for the local media in that country. He is also an advertising creative by profession and a partner in one of Zimbabwe's largest advertising agencies.
I am very interested in the power of social media to influence real change in the Third World and especially in Africa. With censorship still very active in Africa, I believe that social media has the power to circumvent all this and bring news that would otherwise be buried to a global audience. My passions are writing, reading, traveling, especially in the more isolated and remote parts of my own country, Zimbabwe.

Currently a media adviser to one of Zimbabwe's presidential candidates in the inconclusive March 2008 presidential election

He was educated in Zimbabwe and Canada and has spent some time living in the United Kingdom and Namibia.

He lives in Harare, Zimbabwe and writes from there.

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Latest posts by Denford Magora

Zimbabwe: Bloggers not happy with the Coalition Government

  25 March 2009

Zimbabwean bloggers are unhappy with the way things are turning out within the coalition government between Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai. The reactions are a mixture of distrust of Mugabe ad disappointment in the policy approaches of the MDC.

Zimbabwe's Bloggers React As The Opposition Joins Hands With Mugabe

  6 February 2009

Zimbabwe's bloggers are reacting with hope, but also anger and dismay to Morgan Tsvangirai's decision to join Robert Mugabe in a coalition governmet. It is a wonderfully eclectic mix that reflects the sheer emotional exhaustion of the Zimbabwean people after a marathon seven-month political impasse, which was compounded by the world-record inflation levels.

Two-year old toddler in solitary confinement in a Zimbabwe prison

  13 January 2009

Two year old Nigel Mutemagau is being kept in solitary confinement in Zimbabwe’s most notorious prison with his parents and other abducted activists such as Zimbabwe Peace Project director Jestina Mukoko. A petition has been launched for the release of the minor, who seems to have been beaten while in prison and needs medical attention.

Zimbabwe: January blog roundup

  5 January 2009

As shown by this roundup, most bloggers in Zimbabwe at the beginning of this new year are concerned with the economic and social situation in the country. Others are still following the court case of the abducted human rights activist Jestina Mukoko, who is facing charges of training bandits to topple Robert Mugabe's government.