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Scientists from Around the World Gather in Brazil

  24 November 2013

The World Science Forum (WSF) gathers hundreds of scientists from all around the world this week in Brazil, to discuss their role in the 21st century and to emphasize the importance of scientific advice in political and economical decisions. Brazil has hosted several events to discuss poverty eradication and sustainable...

PHOTOS: Hundreds Arrested in Brazil's Bus Fare Protests

  14 June 2013

Police are responding with teargas and violence as protesters crusade against the increase in public transportation fares during the fourth consecutive day of protests in Sao Paulo. The demonstrations are part of the Free Fare Movement that has already spread to other major cities throughout Brazil.

Mobile Libraries Help Haitians Overcome Major Earthquake

  12 January 2013

Mobile libraries are helping Haitians overcome the devastating 2010 earthquake, providing intellectual resources, entertainment and assisting in essential matters such as health. By March 2013, the organisation Libraries Without Borders intends to launch another two mobile libraries to circulate through the most affected neighbourhoods of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. Recognition is growing about the value of reading in places suffering from conflicts and natural disasters.

Brazil: Magazine Gives Homeless People a Chance

  6 June 2012

Ocas Magazine, handed out on the streets of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro since 2002, is one such publication that contains information that sets it apart from the mainstream press in Brazil. But it goes even further than that. It also provides a new start and work opportunities for the homeless and people who are at social risk.