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Christine Mehta is a Syracuse University graduate with a B.A. in international relations and journalism. At SU, she covered humanitarian, political and international issues in Syracuse, NY, Ecuador, Chile, and South Africa. She was the recipient of the Henry J. Wolff Prize, the AEJMC Prize for best student international multimedia news story, and recognized as the graduating senior “deemed most proficient in journalism.” She has written for USA Today, The Post-Standard, The Stand, Jerk Magazine, The NewsHouse, and English-language news publications such as The Santiago Times in Chile. Christine is currently working in communications development for Indian non-profit, Operation ASHA. As always, she’s looking for stories to tell and available for freelance work in Southeast Asia. Check out for more, or follow her on Twitter @SUInternational.

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India: Internet Companies Bow to Censorship Demands

  13 February 2012

India took a giant leap back in time when it demanded that 20 major Internet companies, including Google, Facebook, and Twitter present plans to filter “anti-religious,” or “anti-social” material from the content available to Indian citizens.

India: New Challenges to Fight Tuberculosis Worldwide

  29 January 2012

India’s media sphere exploded last week with reports from Mumbai of a tuberculosis strain (TDR-TB) completely resistant to all known treatment. As the World Health Organization released a statement refuting the term TDR-TB, the blogosphere erupted to remind whatever they call it, they should do something about it.