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News 21 team in Korea

  27 June 2006

News 21 team, formed by a group of students from University of California with the interest of reporting US military abroad, is now visiting South Korea. GI Korea Blog helps summarize the trip.

We Are the Champion!

  27 June 2006

JAINE K1M puts together some fantatic photos showing how Koreans support their national soccer team in Germany 2006 FIFA World Cup. I know many Koreans have been down since yesterday and that you are all mad and furious about the game, but I also know you are all proud of...

Geisha Blog

  27 June 2006

Geisha Blog has made a series of great posts to introduce Japanese tradition and culture. The latest entry is about the public bathhouse.

Chinese Netizen Became Ohmynews Journalist

  26 June 2006

Xu Zhiqiang became the 2nd citizen journalist for Ohmynews from China. He writes an introduction of how he gets involved, but he does not think that Ohmynews will be that successful as it is in Korea. As far as the media situation in China is concerned, news content and publishing...

Plane Crashed in Fujian

  23 June 2006

It's the “third crash of Chinese airforce planes occurred in this month”, The Horse's Mouth translates. Considering the recent crashes of the airforce planes (all) occurred in Nanjing Military District, which is confronting Taiwan, this reflects that the training volume of airforce planes in this area has gone up sharply,...

Dell on Fire!

  23 June 2006

Gaston saw that a Dell laptop computer exploded into flames , at a conference in Japan. The damn thing was on fire and produced several explosions for more than five minutes…We'd suggest you avoid actually using a laptop on your lap. Ouch.

Taiwanese Oversized Wedding Albums

  23 June 2006

Jason from Wandering to Tamshui talks about Taiwan’s booming wedding photography industry, and a book called “Framing the Bride“, written by Bonnie Adrian. Looking past the ridiculous fads and soft lighting that are endemic to the industry, Adrian manages to come up with some interesting theories on why Taiwanese (and...

Peace March from Seoul to Daechuri

  22 June 2006

Camp Humphreys, a U.S. Military Base in South Korea, will soon begin the expansion project to build new houses, gyms. This project will “destroy the farming communities of Daechuri, Doduri, and others”. Days in Daechuri blog about local protest activities and is organizing a Peace March on Early July.

Joint War-Fighting…to assure peace and stability?

  22 June 2006

Valiant Shield 2006…..More than 40 members from different countries all over the world to include China, Australia, Japan, India, Singapore, Republic of Korea and Russia are observing this exercise exhibiting U.S. capabilities and interoperability while working together as a joint force… the exercise enhances joint war-fighting proficiency and allows the...

Female Suicide in China

  22 June 2006

The Peking Duck blogs about high female suicide attempt in China. They may not bind their feet anymore, but many women, especially in the countryside, still endure what amounts to nothing less than torture.

Japan: Bloggers Association?

  25 May 2006

Daphne joined a blogger meet-up last week in Tokyo and learned about a fake blogger association funded by tax revenue from Japanese Government, for the retired officials. Daphne posts a write-up to the “Japan Bloggers” mailing list. Aki also writes about this meet-up.