Charles Feng

I'm a master student in the Journalism School at the University of Hong Kong. Before I came to HK, I had been once a college teacher in China. I have published three books on new media.

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Report from the WTO Demonstrations in Hong Kong

  20 December 2005

The Sixth WTO Ministerial Conference was held in Hong Kong, 13-18 December 2005. Thousands of anti-globalization campaigners, especially South Korean farmers who has been opposing the opening of their rice market by an agreement South Korean government made with WTO, had protested across central Hong Kong, carrying huge banners, chanting,...

Bloggers Joined the Big March in Hong Kong

  6 December 2005

A total of over 200,000 people supposedly joined the Dec. 4, 2005 march in Hong Kong urging the government to create a clearer roadmap for granting universal suffrage to Hong Kong citizens to elect the special administrative region's Chief Executive and legislators. The march started in the Victoria Park ,...