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Fires in focus in the South African blogosphere

  2 February 2006

The last few weeks have been slow in the South African blogosphere. The most exciting thing happening this week is the is that nominations have just opened for the second annual South African blog Awards. There are 14 categories including: South African blog of 2005 – The best of the...

Mixed musings from Southern Africa

  20 January 2006

There's never a dull moment in South African politics. It's January and we already have our first political scandal of the year. Every political scandal gets a name – most of them ending in “gate”. Last year we had Travelgate (MP's scamming the parliamentary travel voucher scheme), Oilgate (ruling party...

The week that was in the South African blogosphere

  10 December 2005

Jonty at The Fishbowl comments on the findings of a new survey showing that Afrikaners have experienced the “most radical change in political outlook” of all groups since the 1994 elections. “This is probably understandable, given that by fair assumption that Afrikaners had the furthest to move politically after the...

Blogging the latest news South African style

  25 November 2005

As we approach World Aids Day on the 1st of December, South Africa's controversial and unpopular Minister of Health, Manto Tshabalala- Msimang, has caused yet another stir. Known as “Dr.Garlic” for her advocacy of garlic, lemon juice and olive oil as a solution for Aids sufferers instead of supplying much...

Voices from South Africa

  28 October 2005

South Africa has been painted as being a political wonder, and our transition to democracy is often described as a miracle. The country tries very hard to present an image of wellbeing and success in order to attract much needed tourism and overseas investment. There is no doubt that remarkable...