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Oman: Shura Council

  9 November 2007

Omani blogger Muscati talks about the recent elections in the Oman public advisory board (Shura Council), how no women got elected, and how ethnicity played a role in voting.

Oman: Rent Law and Life in Muscat

  30 September 2007

Oman's bloggers are ranting about increasing rent and driving in Ramadan in this round up of Omani blogs. Also, how was life before the opening of mega malls and are you interested in attending Oman's first bloggers meeting on October 3?

Oman: Blogging Back on Track

Are Omani bloggers are dying breed? What kind of service do you expect when you buy an expensive washing machine? And have you heard the latest song written after the deadly tropical cyclone Gonu hit Omani shores? These are just some of the topics discussed in Riyadh Al Balushi's latest coverage of Omani blogs.

Oman: Post-Gonu Reflections

Life is slowly returning to normal in Muscat and the rest of Oman two weeks after the Sultanate was hit by deadly tropical Cyclone Gonu, which left about 50 people dead. Riyadh Al Balushi gives us a round up of how bloggers reacted to the disaster, relief efforts in Oman and lessons learned from the crisis.