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Indian Elections 2009: God and Country

  28 April 2009

The ongoing elections in India have exposed deep fractures in the country's religious landscape. Blogs are buzzing with allegations and counter allegations of religious persecutions in the land where you can find devotee of every major religion in the world. Persecution of Christians is a hot topic among Indian and foreign...

Indian Elections 2009: Villains And Votes

  20 April 2009

If elections are to be described as a process to elect better leaders for the country, the ongoing elections in India are of a very different variety. A number of convicted felons, gang members with long criminal history and leaders accused of violent crime (murder, attempted murder, armed robbery) - villains in every sense are going to the people asking for their vote.

Indian Elections 2009: Allegations and Concerns of The Common People

  13 April 2009

The run up to Indian general elections sure looks like a spicy Bollywood movie. Big actors from major political parties and their activists are busy hurling allegations at each other while the common people stand befuddled, waiting for someone to listen to their concerns. Indian politicians are at the receiving...

Elections in India and Women

  7 April 2009

World’s largest democracy, India, will hold general elections starting in a few weeks. Indian women, who have long been denied their rightful position at home, at work and at the helm of power also have a huge stake in upcoming elections. Although more and more women are becoming aware of their voting rights and participating at local level politics, a recent report suggests that this year less women are likely to be elected to the country’s parliament.

Indian General Elections and Nepal

  2 April 2009

For centuries, India and Nepal have shared a very close relationship. Geographic proximity supplemented by cultural and religious similarity have helped the two neighbors remain friendly. Now winds of change have swept Kathmandu and New Delhi is not too thrilled about it. After the Maoists came to power, Indian press...