Bhumika Ghimire · December, 2008

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Nepal Facing Energy Crisis

  30 December 2008

Saving energy, finding environmentally friendly source of energy is being actively discussed around the world. For developed nations and their developing counterparts, energy is quickly turning out to be one of “the” issues. Fear of energy starved future is now being seriously discussed-from Washington to Riyadh. Nepal, one of the...

Press Under Attack in Nepal

  23 December 2008

Even after the restoration of democracy in Nepal, the country’s press has so far been unable to function without threat and intimidation. Violent attacks against journalists, publishers are becoming a common occurrence. On December 21st, activists belonging to the ruling Maoist party attacked the office of Himal Media, the publisher...

Nepal: Rumors Surrounding The Captured Mumbai Terrorist

  16 December 2008

Rumors surrounding the background and identity of Ajmal Amir Kasab, the only terrorist involved in Mumbai attacks captured alive by authorities, is swirling around the internet. This time along with India and Pakistan, Nepal’s name has been dragged in.

South Asian Laborers Duped Again in Iraq

  10 December 2008

After 12 Nepalese laborers had been kidnapped and murdered by Iraqi terrorist group Ansar al-Sunna in 2004, there was hope that officials in Iraq, United States and in Nepal would take steps to ensure the safety and security of those traveling to Iraq in search of work. Unfortunately, reports suggest...

World Disability Day in South Asia

  3 December 2008

December 1st is observed around the world as AIDS Day and the occasion is largely publicized. Unlike the attention World AIDS Day receives, World Disability Day barely registers on the world media’s radar. Celebrated every year on December 3rd, World Disability Day honors the contribution made to our world by those with physical and mental handicap.