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Cambodia Water Festival Highlights

  19 November 2005

The Water Festival (“Bon Om Tuk”), the most exuberant festival in Cambodia, took place on November 15-17th. According to Jinja, the Festival marks the start of the dry season and of Bon Kathan (a Buddhist practice done yearly where new robes are offered to monks). Up to a million people...

Cambodian Kids with Swords, Guns, and Poems

  9 November 2005

Last month Jinja captured this photo of these two Cambodian boys playing with toy guns in the streets of Phnom Penh. Even though Jinja played with guns as child, he thought these scenes were a little disturbing because the guns looked so real! A few days ago, Chlim01 is Bored...

The Poetic Side of the Cambodian Blogosphere

  4 November 2005

Poem in Cambodian language by Seserak Several Cambodian bloggers have been sharing their poetry online. The poem above, entitled Autumn in English, is by Seserak, a Cambodian college student studying in Japan and probably experiencing quite a different fall than in his homeland. The poem is translated into English in...