Beth Kanter · August, 2005

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Video Blogs & Cambodia

  18 August 2005

Eath Chhnon (otherwise known as “Village Girl“) is a Cambodian “video blogger” or vlogger. She grew up in a small village in Cambodia near Angkor Wat, one of country’s cultural treasures. Two years ago, at age 20, she came to New York City. Eath is video blogging her life story....

Meet Da: Cambodian Software Engineer

  9 August 2005

Hok KaKada, age 21, is one of six software engineers working on the Khmer OpenSource Software Project and the only woman. “Da” was born in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. She has worked on the project since August, 2004. The Khmer OS Project is customizing OpenSource software programs...