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I'm a paraguayan blogger and journalist. I have a radio show and did some television as well. I returned to Paraguay after I finished my Master's degree in Boston in 2009 through a Fulbright scholarship. I write about Paraguayan news and collect comments from Paraguayan bloggers.

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Curuguaty's Deadly Clashes Continue to Resonate Across Paraguay

  3 December 2012

Public opinion continues to be polarized about the Curuguaty police raid that ended in the death of six police officers and eleven farm workers. The investigation of the raid, which aimed to remove illegal residents from a forest reserve, is ongoing and has yet to produce any solid evidence about who is at fault.

Paraguay: Referendum Backs Right to Vote Abroad

  10 October 2011

For the first time in history, Paraguay held a referendum to decide whether Paraguayans living abroad can vote in the general election. Campaigns for the "yes" were persistent but several people voiced their opposition to the referendum on Twitter.

Paraguay: Photo Blog Reveals Dangers of Childbirth

  23 March 2011

Most Paraguayans are not aware of the high rates of death from childbirth and abortion in the country. These issues are rarely reported on mainstream media. This is why running into Rodrigo Alfaro’s photo blog post on death from childbirth in Paraguay is horrifying and shocking --even for a Paraguayan.

Paraguay: The Chaotic Ciudad del Este

  19 January 2010

The Paraguayan city of Ciudad del Este is known for many things, including illegal and contraband activities. However, it is difficult to overlook the fact that it is a gateway to the impressive tourist attraction, the Iguazu Falls.

India: Women Farmers Stand Against Climate Change

  10 November 2009

A group of women in India have demonstrated that despite the existing gender inequity and their low economic status, they can become a powerful resource to tackle climate change and reduce the emissions that cause it.

Latin America: The Rapid Spread of Desertification

  4 November 2009

Desertification is silently but rapidly spreading around the world and Latin America is not escaping its devastating effects. While deserts are natural formations, desertification is a process of degradation of lands affected by climate change and human destruction.

Paraguay: As the H1N1 Virus Spreads

  14 July 2009

Even though the Paraguayan Health Department claims that "everything is under control" in regards to the H1N1 virus, many Paraguayans wonder whether this is actually true as the number of cases continue to increase. With some measures in place and the closure of schools, the streets of the capital city remain eerily deserted.

Paraguay: Referendum on Performance of Congress

  25 June 2009

The relationship with the Paraguayan Congress has been difficult for President Fernando Lugo. His recent statements that he is analyzing the possibility of holding a referendum about the legislative branch's performance have raised suspicions about his true intentions. Critics claim that this shows his inability to come to a consensus with the parliament, while the ones who agree with this referendum are those who are far from satisfied with the Congress's performance.

Paraguay: Governmental Response to Arrival of H1N1 Virus

  15 June 2009

New cases of the AH1N1 virus have been confirmed in Paraguay. The total people infected rose to 25, however, there have not been any deaths linked to the virus. Bloggers reflect on the steps that the government is taking in regards to providing information from the public, and detection at the airport.