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Kenya: East African drink fights Coca Cola

  15 December 2008

In March 2008 the Kenyan corporate giant East African Breweries Limited, who produces the famous Tusker beer label, launched a new non-alcoholic drink called Alvaro. Last month, Coca Cola decided to lauch a similar drink to compete with it, called Novida. Kenyan bloggers debate about the two brands.

Kenya: American political strategist stirs up Kenya election scene

  27 November 2007

Dick Morris, an American political consultant who worked with the Bill Clinton 1996 re-election recently caused a mini stir in Kenya. He arrived in Kenya and was unveiled by an opposition leader, Raila Odinga, who is the fore runner in the Kenyan presidential elections that will be held in December 2007. But Morris appears to have left the country a day later, leaving behind varied comments on his role and possible impact on the upcoming elections.

Kenyan Bloggers on Safaricom mystery

  8 October 2007

Mobile phone company Safaricom has risen to become Kenya's largest company with profits of 17 billion shillings (about $250 million in 2006). However, it has been plagued by a mysterious shareholding matter – as the company which was officially declared and to be a partnership between the national landline operator Telkom Kenya (with 60%) and Vodafone - UK (with 40%) has now been found to have a third shareholder – through an unregistered company known as Mobitelea, which owns 5% of the shares.

Corporate blogging the Kenyan elections

  25 September 2007

Kenya’s largest newspaper, Daily Nation, has launched a new online platform that focuses coverage of the 2007 general elections. The interactive platform is a work in process that will include top stories, blog posts, and multimedia content.