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Mexico: Reactions on Twitter following the Elections

  3 July 2012

Following the presidential election, Mexicans are expressing themselves on Twitter regarding election day and the preliminary results that have been officially released and which favour the candidate Enrique Peña from the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) and the "Compromise for Mexico" coalition.

Brazil: The Debate About Natural Childbirth

  2 July 2012

In Brazil's private sector, over 85% of births are caesarian, even though the World Health Organisation recommends that they not exceed 15% of total births. The high prevalence of this procedure, instead of natural birth, recently sparked a debate and protest in Brazil.

Puerto Rico: “The Point Is” to Cross Borders and Facilitate Dialogue

  1 August 2011

The online publication "El punto es…" [The pint is...] was created by a group of Puerto Ricans who were fed up with having limited access to information regarding what was happening in Puerto Rico. Since 2010, this group of talented individuals has worked on a voluntary basis to shape what has become a refreshing website, where the opinions of Puerto Ricans on the island, in the United States and in Spain can converge.

Venezuela: Arguments For and Against the Smoking Ban

  19 June 2011

It is no secret that smokers and non-smokers argue over issues regarding health, air and the freedom of choice. However, many people have used different modes of citizen media to comment, protest and debate the reasons behind the Venezuelan government's recent introduction of a new anti-tobacco law, which had been repealed in February.

Brazil: The Chilling Beauty of the Green Desert

  15 June 2011

Where jungle was once seen, green woodland can now be seen. Bloggers comment on the beauty, environmental impact and the social consequences which are being brought to the country by the eucalyptus monocultures - the so-called green deserts.

Panama: Boxing Commentator's Presidential Aspirations

  11 June 2011

In Panama, despite the next elections being two years away, the media has already started speculating about potential candidates and winners. One potential nomination for president which caused the most commotion in the Panamanian cyberspace was that of the celebrity sports commentator Juan Carlos Tapia.

Peru: Growing Debate Regarding Genetically Modified Farming

  28 May 2011

The official signing of Decree 003, which permits the import of genetically modified seeds into the country, continues to generate debate between those in favor of the widespread use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and those who fear it would be harmful to the country's biodiversity and the health of its people.