Ayman Haykal

I am 25. I have recently graduated from the School of Medicine at Damascus University and I am planning to continue my training in the United States. I believe blogging is a powerful tool that Syrian young people should take advantage of to make themselves heard. Together with a small group of Syrian bloggers, we try to spread the word about blogging and encourage more people to blog. I write at www.damasceneblog.com

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Syria: Domestic Policies

  26 December 2005

Syrian blogger Ihsan expresses relief that the international pressure on Syria is easing up, but he is worried that the government “will get back to its previous domestic policies of neglecting and ignoring the best interests of the Syrian people. It will resume the continuous effort of bringing Syrian citizens...

Syria: Syrian Youth

  26 December 2005

Majd in Hawa reflects on the state of mind of most Syrian youth. Before describing his sad encounter with a little beggar girl, he writes: “My finger joints crack as I look at the Arabic characters on my keyboard. I search for myself in the light of all circumstances. I...