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Ayesha Saldanha · January, 2009

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Latest posts by Ayesha Saldanha from January, 2009

31 January 2009

Palestine: “They used our clothes as a toilet”

Bloggers in Gaza are gathering information about what happened during the recent Israeli attacks. In this update, we hear from families whose homes were looted and left covered with faeces...

28 January 2009

Bahrain: Bloggers united against decision to block websites

Bloggers in Bahrain are fuming at a decision by the country's Minister of Information to block access to scores of websites, as well as prevent access to proxy sites which...

24 January 2009

Saudi Arabia: Young activist faces social condemnation

Saudi Arabia is a conservative society, and when individuals act in ways that challenge convention, not only might they face harsh criticism, but so might their families. A young activist...

21 January 2009

Palestine: “In Gaza, only the dead have seen the end of this war”

The people of Gaza are discovering the extent of the destruction inflicted during three weeks of Israeli attacks, and are slowly starting to rebuild their lives. Some bloggers are wondering...

19 January 2009

Palestine: Assessing the Aftermath in Gaza

On Sunday evening the Israel Defense Forces began a troop withdrawal from Gaza, following three straight weeks of attacks. Israel's unilateral ceasefire was announced earlier in the day, and met...

17 January 2009

Palestine: “Everything is in vain in Gaza – breathing, running, hoping”

In this roundup of blogs from Gaza, we hear in detail about the attacks on Al Quds hospital in the Tel al-Hawa neighbourhood of Gaza City from an Australian activist...

16 January 2009

Palestine: Israeli Troops Enter Residential Areas of Gaza City

Thousands of Palestinians have been fleeing from Gaza City as IDF troops have entered residential areas. A number of the foreign activists in Gaza were helping at Al Quds hospital...

15 January 2009

Israel: Arab parties banned from participating in elections

Elections will be held in Israel on 10 February 2009, and the Central Elections Committee has voted to ban two Palestinian (Arab) political parties from participating. In this post we...

14 January 2009

Palestine: “I don't have guns or weapons. I struggle by telling the truth”

In this roundups of blogs from Gaza, we hear how an ambulance driver deals with his fear, the effect of the warning announcements made by the IDF on local TV...

13 January 2009

Palestine: “Tell me, please God, tell me this is going to end soon”

The Israeli aerial attacks on Gaza show no sign of relenting, and in Gaza City there is now street fighting. In this post bloggers describe the fear experienced when Israeli...

12 January 2009

From Italy to Palestine: Vittorio Arrigoni writes from Gaza

Vittorio Arrigoni is an Italian human rights activist who is currently in Gaza, one of a number of activists who arrived with the Free Gaza movement. Vittorio (Vik) blogs at...

11 January 2009

Palestine: “I see hatred in every blast pounding Gaza”

In this roundup of Gaza's blogs we hear about living without electricity, ways of getting the latest news, and white phosphorus shells. And an 11-year-old girl jokes: "It's like we...

10 January 2009

Palestine: “I do not want my kids to see me torn into pieces”

How does it feel to be unable to protect your children? In this roundup of blogs from Gaza we hear from a mother who is wracked with guilt at seeing...

Palestine: “How many deaths in Gaza is enough?”

As the Israeli attacks on Gaza continue, in this roundup of Gaza's blogs we hear about food shortages, the frustration of being stuck at home, the humour of medical workers...

8 January 2009

Palestine: “In Gaza, we are subject to news but cannot see TVs”

Yesterday (6 January) a UN school in Jabaliya refugee camp which was being used as a shelter, was struck by Israeli shells and about 40 people killed. Today, the Israeli...

6 January 2009

Palestine: “In Gaza our future is almost destroyed”

In this roundup of blogposts from Gaza we hear from a teenager who just lost her friend and is scared for her own life, about a medical worker who was...

5 January 2009

Palestine: “Gaza is not searching for an aspirin for its bloody wound”

Using generators for power when necessary, a number of Palestinians and foreign activists are still managing to send out reports on what is happening in the Gaza Strip. Here are...