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Greece: Is it time for the #GreekRevolution?

  23 May 2011

The peaceful mass popular protests in cities across Spain, calling for democracy and protesting bipartisanship on the eve of elections, caught Greeks by surprise after a year of fruitless protests in Greece against IMF/ECB imposed austerity measures. Many Greek netizens reacted in solidarity to the sight and sounds of the “Spanish Revolution” and considered their own predicament.

Greece: A Lukewarm Reaction to Attacks on Immigrants

  23 May 2011

Greek blogger To Vytio (The Jerrycan) writes an elegiac post [el] on his return to Athens from a weekend trip, finding the city gripped in violence, fear, apathy and scary rhetoric. “Our mortal leap was the reaction to what happened in Athens against the immigrants. Lukewarm, blasé. With [right-wing extremists],...

Greece: A Proposal to Reform the Police

  23 May 2011

Greek blogger Leonidas Irakliotis proposes several measures [el] to reform the police and restore public trust, in light of recent police violence and failure to deal with a wave of anti-immigrant attacks in Athens. “As long as we tolerate this incompetence, we will suffer from an under-performing police force; resulting...

Greece: No Peace without Justice

  23 May 2011

“I cannot remember, in living memory, any instance where I felt a distinct similarity between the events happening in Greece to the Nazi Germany pogroms against Jews and communists of the 1930s.” Technology blogger Cosmix breaks with his usual subjects to dissect the causes of recent rampant violence against immigrants in Athens,...

Egypt: Brutal Army Crackdown of Nakba Day Protests in Cairo

The Egyptian army cracked down with brutal force on a Nakba day protest in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo on May 15, 2011, firing teargas, rubber-coated steel bullets - and, some reported, live bullets - at protesters. Coverage quickly turned dramatic, reminiscent in tone of the 18 days of the revolution, as many protesters and journalists tweeted non-stop reports of the clashes and posted snapshots.

Greece: Wave of Racist Attacks on Immigrants in Athens

  13 May 2011

In the past days, right-wing extremists in Athens, Greece have launched pogrom-like attacks on immigrants in the downtown Athens area. Dozens have been injured. It began on May 10, one day after a 44-year old escorting his pregnant wife to the hospital was mugged and stabbed to death.

Greece: Arab Cyberactivists To Speak About Networked Uprisings

  5 May 2011

Global Voices authors Tarek Amr and Lina Ben Mhenni, as well as the administrator of Tunisian group blog Nawaat, Malek Khadraoui, will be speaking in Athens on May 7, 2011 about the Arab revolutions and online censorship, in an event [el] organized by Greek political zines re-public and konteiner. Nawaat is the...

Tweeting Bin Laden: Have US Journalists Become Citizen Reporters?

  3 May 2011

When news of Osama bin Laden's death broke on May 2, 2011, journalists in the United States were tweeting and using social media to report what they saw on the streets. It marks an interesting contrast to how 9/11 itself was reported in 2001 when social media was still only a nascent technology. Have journalists finally become citizen reporters?