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Russia: Connecting Neighbors, Saving Lives

  12 September 2011

The creators of a website that enabled Russians to help each other during wildfires in 2010 have now redesigned the site to enable citizens to assist each other in new ways - including mapping willing blood donors in locations across the country.

Russia: Bloggers Find Street Shooter

Bloggers across the Russian Internet were quick to respond with posts and information after well-known photo-blogger Dmitry Ternovsky was shot at recently on a highway in the southeast of Moscow. Ashley Cleek details the story.

Russia: Anti-Corruption Donor Details Leaked

In the middle of April 2011, donors to the Russian anti-corruption, whistle-blowing website [ru] began to report that they had received strange calls and emails from unknown people, some claiming to be journalists, asking about their donations to Rospil and why they support the website’s founder, popular Russian blogger Alexey Navalny.

Russia: Bloggers React To Threatened University Stipends

RuNet Echo  4 February 2011

After an aid to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said [RUS] on January 19 that Russia should do away with stipends for university students, bloggers, parents, and university rectors began furiously posting appeals for the government not to cut back on university funding. The aid, Arkady Dvorkovich, who is often described...

Russia: Why Skype Worries The FSB?

RuNet Echo  22 January 2011

While Russian President Dmitry Medvedev urges government officials to get hip to technology, Russia’s Security Service, the FSB, has begun to clamp down on officials’ use of email and Skype, in a measure some are arguing is meant to stop possible ‘leaks’ of governmental information.