Qurratulain (Annie) Zaman

Annie Zaman has been working as a journalist and researcher for more than 10 years in Pakistan, Germany and Britain. She reports on political and social issues and gather more voices in support of a progressive and tolerant global society.

After working as a full-time journalist at Pakistan’s Daily Times and Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle, Annie moved on to more adventurous projects with various advocacy groups and rights of journalists in conflict zones. She worked with the Rory Peck Trust as an Asia-lead to support the safety and welfare of freelance newsgatherers from Asia.

At the time of the general election 2013 in Pakistan, she launched a virtual newsroom for citizen journalists under the umbrella of PakVotes (PV). PV brought social media platforms together with a network of reporters to track violence during Pakistan’s elections. She is consulting editor of PakVoices, which has grown into a digital community media project for local transparency in governance in Southern Punjab and Makran Coast.

She is a regular contributor to Global Voices, co-editor of GV-Urdu, and speaks English, German, Urdu and Punjabi. She is currently based out of Yangon, Myanmar.
She tweets at @natrani.

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