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Sudan: Rape still a weapon

  29 August 2006

The Concoction reports that Darfur women are still being raped three months after a key peace deal in Sudan. “Fetching fire wood or water often ends up in the women being raped. Just imagine running to the grocery store to get a gallon of milk and there is a very...

Kenya: Praise piles up for Obama visit

  29 August 2006

Whispering Inn joined other Kenyan bloggers welcoming the visit of Barack Obama, the USA's only black senator, to the country. “[Obama has been] chewing out president Kibaki for State-sanctioned corruption, encouraging folks to fight AIDS by getting tested, advocating media freedom at the Standard Newspapers, touring Kibera, and giving a...

Nigeria: Economy “repressed” claims report

  29 August 2006

Grandiose Parlor highlighted the 2006 Index of Economic Freedom report which claimed Nigeria's economy remained “repressed”. “The various economic programs and policies of President Obasanjo's administration seem to have not made any meaningful impact,” he said.

South Africa: Apartheid feet-washing apology dismissed

  29 August 2006

A notorious South African Apartheid-era security minister hit the headlines after he washed the feet of an anti-Apartheid campaigner in an act of contrition. South Africa Logue dismissed the gesture saying: “[Adriaan] Vlok’s act – which strikes Your Correspondent as deeply offensive to many a South African’s sense of justice...

Zimbabwe: Mugabe's security expenses slammed

  29 August 2006

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has been on a spending spree, bulking out his motorcade with brand new outrider motorcycles and Mercedes saloons. “Now, in a country where there is no war, no threat to his life as he has such a tight control over everything, is it necessary to travel...

Kenya: Thousands flock to see Obama

  28 August 2006

Barack Obama, the USA's only black senator, is visiting his father's Kenyan homeland. “Everyone, and everything, from the man on the street, to livestock, to stray cats and dogs, to insects and grubs, to pond scum all the way down the politicians fell over (it/them)selves to see and shake the...

Chad: Oil companies kicked out

  28 August 2006

“It's not often that one gets to hear a government telling an oil multinational to get out” wrote Chippla's Weblog – Thoughts on Issues after Chad took the unprecedented decision to eject ChevronTexaco (of the US) and Petronas (of Malaysia) for alledgedly failing to pay tax.

Uganda: Lunch at the LRA peace talks

  28 August 2006

Video journalist waited outside the venue where the Lord's Resistance Army and the Uganda government held their peace talks. “On the left of the conference is the lunch hall for the residents, and on the right the peace talks are held. Two worlds in one building, although they share lunch.“

DRC: Election tension mounts

  28 August 2006

Extra Extra is taking precautions as the Democratic Republic of Congo waits for the second round of its historic but troubled national elections. “For the time being, things are calm, but far from stable. Having unpacked, I'm now packing an emergency bag, just in case.”

Zimbabwe: Refugees suffer in South Africa

  28 August 2006

This is Zimbabwe highlighted the plight of Zimbabwean refugees who had been driven by thirst to steal water from a South African farm. “[The farmer's] anger began to change to empathy as he began to come across more and more wretched people that had died as a result of attacks...

South Africa: Racism ruins national debates

  28 August 2006

“South African whites either just assume you share their unashamedly racist views or hate you immediately for being one of those dreadful foreign liberals who ruined their sybaritic idyll” writes white Johannesburg-based journalist Jonathan Clayton on African Safari. He goes on to examine how racism is undermining key debates over...

Africa: Music goes online

  28 August 2006

African Music Radio is a new online station that “that offers musicians ‘…the chance to promote their music and reach a broader market and audience more effectively’“. It was spotted by Timbuktu Chronicles.

Kenya: Wedding season hits Nairobi

  28 August 2006

AfroFeminista talks us through the travails of being single during the busy wedding season in Kenya's capital Nairobi. “Why do i feel on a subconscious level like my present experience is invalidated every time someone says they are getting married; having a baby or buying a house?“

Ethiopia: PM theorises on African development

  28 August 2006

Guest blogger Gooch sharpened his satirical spear as he described a new book by Ethiopia's prime minister Meles Zenawi on Weichegud! ET Politics. “Here he is, running one of the poorest countries in the world, a country of 75 million people, a country in crisis, well on the way to...

A tale of two Ethiopian books

  21 August 2006

It was a tale of two books in Ethiopia’s blogosphere over the past two weeks. The first book, catchily titled African Development: Dead Ends and New Beginnings (PDF of the first draft – English), was written by Meles Zenawi, prime minister of Ethiopia, currently residing in the prime ministerial palace...

Ethiopian blogs focus on Somali tension

  3 August 2006

Ethiopia’s bloggers kept a nervous eye on their country’s southern border with Somalia over the past two weeks as rumblings of renewed conflict got ever louder. The growing tension received next to no coverage in the mainstream media who focused most of their international coverage on southern Lebanon. But the...

Ethiopia's blogosphere takes a hit

  3 July 2006

Ethiopia's once burgeoning blogging scene took a hit over the past few weeks after the bulk of its weblogs mysteriously disappeared from computer screens inside the country. All online journals hosted on Blogger's blogspot platform – about two thirds of the Ethio blogosphere – are still affected – as are...