Anas Alaoui

Hi all.
My name is Anas. Apparently, I am the second Anas on GVO, but you can call me Annouss.
I've been blogging for 5 years now. It started with something like: “Hey look mum, I'm on the internet. See ? That's my photo”.

Then came the time of blogging for a cause, a cause I made mine as I was also an activist. This cause is: freedom of speech.
No matter what you say, no matter what you think as long as you respect rules and laws you should not be afraid of being harmed or imprisoned. Unfortunately, that is not yet the case in many countries.

But that is not the only reason I blog for. Blogs, Forums, Twitter feeds are a form of expression and platforms for debate, exchanging ideas and openess to the world out there.

So with your help and collaboration, let's make ours this GVO motto: “The world is talking. Are you listening ?”

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Morocco: Another Blogger Imprisoned

  18 December 2009

On Monday, December 14th, Blogger Bashir Hazzam and Internet cafe owner Abdullah Boukhou were sentenced to four months and one year, respectively plus a fine of MAD 500 (USD 63) each, in a Goulmim court.

Morocco: Praise for Islamic Finance

  16 October 2009

In a recent blog post, Paris-based Moroccan blogger Larbi (Fr) takes a closer look at Islamic finance. He writes: “While global finance has collapsed and the world was plunged into a financial crisis like no other, a little village still resists to this wave. It is called: “Islamic Finance”. Crisis?...

Morocco: Banking fees uncovered

  16 October 2009

In a recent post, moroccan blogger Omar El-Hyani [Fr] explores banking fees in Morocco. He conducted a comparative review of major banks in Morocco based on the most common operations a bank customer is likely to perform.

Moroccan single moms situation ‘highlighted’

Elisabeth Hague, a Washington University graduate and Rabat-based blogger links to what she called an “interesting New York Times article“. The article,she explains on her blog, focuses upon the Moudawana (the reformed Family Law), but I was heartened to see that it views the issue through the lens of single...

Morocco: Free Speech Call to the King

  15 July 2009

Allal El Alaoui, a Moroccan blogger based in Rabat, reports and links [ar] to the open letter written by Khalid Jamai, 65 – a Moroccan veteran journalist known for his positions on freedom of speech. According to El Alaoui: “The main topic of his letter deals with coercive measures that...

Moroccans Love/Hate Affair with Obama

US President Barack Obama's Cairo address to the Muslim world sparked a blaze of reactions across the region and beyond; not least amongst bloggers from the Maghreb where a fiery of blog posts and instant tweets conveyed a whole spectrum of opinions ranging from outright, full endorsement to deep skepticism and even scorn and mistrust, write Anas Alaoui and Hisham.

Morocco: The Blogoma's Journey Continues

Blogging has come a long way in Morocco. From a handful a blogs a few years ago, the blogosphere is now growing rapidly, in three languages. In this post, Anas Alaoui reviews the Blogma - the bloggers' very own name for Morocco's thriving blogging scene.