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Ammar has been in and around the Pakistani blogosphere for the past 5 years. He has contributed to several blogs, print and electronic media. As a freelance journalist, he believers in freedom of speech, balanced and honest reporting of facts. His personal blog can be seen at

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Fiber To The Home Services in Pakistan

  15 November 2010

An Infrastructure uplift, perhaps? Pakistan was the first in South Asia to launch an FTTH service. This article in Telecomistan reviews the industry and the challenges faced in Pakistan.

A Quiet Independence Day for Pakistan

  17 August 2010

Given all the pain and gloom that surrounds the life of an ordinary Pakistani today, it is no surprise that this year's independence day was a quiet affair. Bloggers assert that the nation is still strong enough to bounce back.

Pakistan: A Humanitarian Crisis

  21 May 2009

Pakistan has been hit by a severe humanitarian crisis as a result of the military onslaught against the Taliban insurgency in the Swat Valley. Over one million people have fled their homes from various areas in the Malakand division and FATA including Buner, Dir and Swat. A massive relief effort has been launched by many organizations and individuals and the Pakistani Blogosphere is also taking a leading role to seek help for the IDPs.