Amit Gupta · February, 2008

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Hindi: No smoking and Cricket Auctions

  22 February 2008

Amit Gupta takes us on a tour of the latest from the Hindi blogosphere, including bad news for male smokers, good news for cricket fans in Hyderabad, and hopeful news regarding the effort to curb the spread of AIDS.

Hindi: Water, dowry, the stock market and others

  12 February 2008

Global Warming is something thats affecting us all. But even in this regard there are different camps. Some believe that its a very important concern and something should be done about it while some believe that its not as big or critical concern as is made out of it and...

Hindi Blogosphere: Ad Revenue, Bollywood and other stories

  10 February 2008

A number of bloggers writing in English have no problem in putting up adverts and a lot of them generate decent enough revenue from their blogs. But the problem comes when you don't blog in English but in some other language as your advertising options start narrowing down. Ad revenue...