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One Million Voices for Peace

  24 September 2007

What is the One Million Voices campaign all about and could peace in the Middle East be a reality? Also, what role is the internet and blogging playing in this mass movement, which over 500,000 Israelis and Palestinians have signed up for so far? Global Voices Online caught up with campaign Communications Coordinator Erin Pineda who discusses with us the ambitious project, which aims to amplify the voices of the 'moderate silent majority' caught up in the conflict.

Lebanon: Explosions Depressing

  21 September 2007

“It’s really gotten to a point where there isn’t much more that can go wrong. I’ve honestly lost count on how many politicians have gotten assassinated in the past couple of years and its depressing and sickening,” writes Lebanese blogger Mark.

Kuwait: Don't Open the Door for Strangers

  20 September 2007

Don't open your door for strangers, warns blogger Tooomz from Kuwait, who writes about a bizarre incident in which a woman called on her friend's house, pretended she was a neighbour, made up a convoluted story about how her son was sick and needed brain surgery and then begged for...

Libya: Bloggers Face Off

  20 September 2007

Libyan blogger the Highlander suggest new awards to encourage Libyan bloggers to blog. She also writes about a misunderstanding between Libyan bloggers and urges bloggers to reconcile and bridge their differences.

Libya: Childless Mornings

  20 September 2007

“The kid's have really started school. And guess what? They are all going in the morning! This is the first time this has ever happened. I actually have peaceful and childless mornings! I've dreamed about this for years and years,” writes an ecstatic Khadija Teri from Libya.

Palestine: No Fuel or Electricity

  20 September 2007

Leila Al Haddad, from Palestine, writes: “Today Israel officially announced Hamas a “hostile entity” (although that sort of had me confused-is this to say they were of “friendly entity” status before??). And made the decision to cut fuel and electricity, once again. But fear not, country folk. U.S. Secretary of...

Palestine: Following God's Rules

  20 September 2007

“When a man follows governmental rules and regulations; people call him a good citizen. He’s patriotic. When a man follows society’s rules and regulations; people call him civilized. When a man follows God’s rules and regulations; people start asking questions,” writes Jordanian-Palestinian Sugar Cubes.

Egypt: Arablish?

  20 September 2007

Blogger Arima from Egypt talks about Arablish in this hilarious post. Arablish is a “form of speech that mixes Arabic with English. It is widely used among Arab Western-educated elites.”

Egypt: Booby Julia

  20 September 2007

Egyptian blogger Mosfata Hussein introduces us to TV presenter Booby Julia. “As a blogger, a doctor and an Egyptian citizen. It is my duty to bring forward the latest socio-cultural phenomena happening in my environment. I would like to introduce to you BOOBY JULIA!” he explains.

Bahrain: On Suing God!

  20 September 2007

“Well, I'm sure you've heard of court cases where people have won millions of dollars for suing others over all sorts of issues. Anyway, this totally blows them out of the water; here, we have a Nebraska State Senator whose decided to sue… God,” rants Bahraini blogger Ammaro.

Syria: Message of Peace

  19 September 2007

Syrian blogger Yaser met with Giordano and Luca, two Italians, “travelling around the countries of the Mediterranean to spread the message of peace and harmony with a simple gesture ..a hug.” Click the link to read more.

Lebanon: Terrorist Explosion

  19 September 2007

“A large terrorist explosion targetted the Sin el Fil area on the outskirt of Beirut. LBC is reporting that the explosion is near Antoine Library. The reporter is saying that on of the burning cars belong to a member of parliament. The images on LBC are grave. Burning cars, destroyed...

Arabeyes: Driving in Ramadhan

  19 September 2007

Staying up all night, sleep deprivation and lack of water, food and cigarettes from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan, the month of fasting, is having its toll on drivers - especially those stuck in traffic jams. Here are some of the rants from exasperated bloggers.

Tunisia: Fifth Wedding Anniversary

  18 September 2007

‘To my sweet and lovely wife: “Love” is but a fraction of the feelings I have for you. Thank you for making my life as beautiful and complete as it is today,’ writes Subzero Blue from Tunisia, in a post dedicated to his wife on their fifth wedding anniversary.