Amira Al Hussaini · August, 2009

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Qatar: The Sudanese “Sin”

Intlxpatr, self-described as an expat currently living in Doha, Qatar, comments on the case of a Sudanese UN female employee Lubna Hussein, who has been sentenced to 40 lashes for the “sin” of wearing trousers in Khartoum.

Palestine: Palestinians and the Nakba

“I used to wonder what it would be like to be part of the so-called nakba generation. i don't wonder anymore, as i realize now that despite the passage of time, i am in fact a part of it,” admits Al Falasteenyia as she laments the reality of Palestinians.

Tunisia: Tunisian President's Re-Election Site

Tunisian blogger Sami ben Gharbia [Ar] traces the Tunisian President's reelection campaign site – which was set up in 2004 by a diplomat based in Washington DC. According to Fikra, this particular diplomat has around 80 domains related to Tunisia registered under his name.