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Syria: Netizens Angered by Assad's Speech

  10 January 2012

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad gave a long rambling speech today, which further angered Syrians protesting against his dictatorship. When Arab leaders speak, netizens take to their keyboards and engage in taking a stab at heads of states who put themselves in such a position. Here is a round up of reactions from Twitter as Al Assad addressed his people - the same people being killed for protesting for democratic rights.

Lebanon: Nasawiya Call to March Against Rape Laws

Nasawiya, an initiative committed to gender justice and equality in Lebanon, is calling upon netizens to mobilise the “masses to join the march against Lebanon’s backwards rape laws on January 14 at 12pm from Ministry of Interior in Sanayeh.” “Please help us spread the word by blogging about the demo...

Iraq: 162,000 People Killed

Iraqi Mojo says about 162,000 people were killed in Iraq up to the end of last year (2011). They include 114,212 civilians, according to Iraq Body Count, an anti-war group. Click here for the details.

New Qatar Envoy Appointed in Libya

Qatar has appointed a new envoy to Libya. Sultan Al Qassemi, a commentator from the UAE, sheds more light on Qatari-Libyan relations since the beginning of the Libyan uprising in February under the subtitles: The Marriage, The Honeymoon and The Divorce.