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Turkey: 1,000 People Feared Dead in Van Quake

  23 October 2011

A massive earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 hit eastern Turkey a few hours ago. Up to 1,000 people are feared dead. The quake hit Ercis, in the mountainous province of Van close to the Iranian border, the hardest. On Twitter, users are checking on loved ones and exchanging updates on the death toll and rescue efforts.

Arab World: Cheering on Tunisia's Elections

  23 October 2011

Tunisians are receiving positive vibes from netizens across the Arab world as they go to the polls today to elect a 218 member constituent assembly which will rewrite the country's constitution, appoint an interim president and a caretaker government. The elections are historic in that they are described as the Arab world's first free elections following revolutions which toppled the dictators of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. All eyes are on Tunisia today, as Tunisians reap a fruit from their revolution.

Libya: Celebrations as Gaddafi Confirmed Dead

  20 October 2011

Libyan dictator Muammar Al Gaddafi is finally dead. After hundreds of thousands of tweets and guess work between news of him being captured, wounded, killed, or all three together, we finally have a confirmation from the Libyan ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) that he really is dead.

Tunisia: A Message to Morocco's February 20 Movement

  12 October 2011

Moroccan blogger Hisham Almiraat shares a video with a message to the February 20 Movement. Watch how bloggers from around the world tell them – Mamfakinch, which means don't give up the fight, in the Moroccan dialect. The video was shot during the Third Arab Bloggers meeting, which ended in...

Egypt: Message to SCAF

  11 October 2011

Following the Maspero clashes, Egyptian blogger Mahmoud Salem writes: ‘Our political and social leaders need to sit down with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and deliver the following message to them: “If you keep this up you are walking the path of your own destruction. The old...

Egypt: Horror at Maspero

  11 October 2011

Egyptian journalist Sarah Carr blogs her report on the horrors she witnessed at the Maspero state television building, where around 30 protesters were killed and 150 injured when the military police clashed with Coptic protesters.

Yemen: Congrats to Tawakkol Karman

Congratulations have been pouring in from all corners since the winners of this year's much anticipated Nobel Peace Prize winners were announced. Yemeni journalist and activist Tawakkol Karman joins Liberian President Ellen Sirleaf and Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee as their year's winners.