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Oman: The People Want an End to Corruption

  26 February 2011

"The people want an end to corruption" chanted thousands of Omanis, who have been protesting since Friday in Salalah and Sohar, as well as other parts of Oman. Ministerial changes announced earlier today did little to make protesters return to their homes and demands range from an end to corruption to more social, economic and political reforms.

Iraq: A Day of Rage Begins

  25 February 2011

Today marks a Day of Rage in Iraq as thousands of Iraqis took to the streets to call for social and economic reforms and an end to corruption. Pro-change or pro-reform or anti-government protesters assembled in different points across Iraq this morning, to be faced with police brutality, media blackout and a government crackdown we have all become so familiar with by now.

Libya: Obama Speaks, Tweeps Heckle

  24 February 2011

United States President Barack Obama broke his silence on Libya in a speech at the White House on Wednesday, but his words did little to satisfy the listening masses on Twitter who for the most heckled the president in tweets throughout the speech.

Libya's Gaddafi: Death to All for Everything

  22 February 2011

Libya's dictator Muammar Al Gaddafi just gave a furious speech on Libyan State TV today warning and threatening anti-government protesters and their supporters, that the Libya would end up like Afghanistan, Iraq, or Somalia. He encouraged Libyans to come out of their homes and chase down "the terrorists" and hand them in to security forces so they could be "punished with death".

Libya: Why was Gaddafi Late?

  22 February 2011

This post is part of our special coverage Libya Uprising 2011. Libya's dictator Muammar Al Gaddafi is now speaking on State TV. In the wait leading up to his speech, tweeple tried to figure out why he was late in giving his anticipated speech in the following round up of tweets....

Libya: Qaradawi Issues Gaddafi Fatwa

  21 February 2011

As the carnage and horror coming out of Libya continues to dominate our timelines, top Muslim cleric Youssef Al Qaradawi issued a fatwa (religious edict) calling for anyone who can pull the trigger, to kill Colonel Muammar Qaddafi and end the suffering of Libyans.

Libya: Stop Gaddafi's Massacre

  21 February 2011

The world is watching in horror, as harrowing reports are making their way from Libya. News of the aerial bombing of Tripoli has united people from all over the world to call for an end to the atrocities committed by Libyan leader Muammar Al Gaddafi against the Libyan people.

Kuwait: Stateless ‘Bedoun’ Demand Rights

  21 February 2011

Kuwait's stateless population, also known as ‘bedoun' (without nationality), has been holding protests for the third day in a row, calling for equal rights and a citizenship in the country many have been born in and know as their only home. The government says they are illegal residents - and that their demonstrations are illegal too.

Libya: Gaddafi Son's Excuses for the People's Uprising

  20 February 2011

Libyan dictator's son Saif Al Islam Al Gaddafi is addressing Libyans on State television, blaming everything other than his father for the massive protests and bloodshed the country has been witnessing in recent days. He blamed Facebook, foreign mercenaries, Islamists, drug addicts and an army not trained in dealing with civilians for the carnage Libya has suffered.

Arab World: The Uprisings Continue

  20 February 2011

It's revolution time across the Arab world, with people rising and calling for political, economic and social reforms. Rallies, demonstrations and protests across the region are flooding our timelines, with heartbreaking news of how one Arab government after the other is using the same tactics to quash protests and silence the voices of dissent. Here are reactions from around the world as people watch the developments unfold.

Bahrain: Police Attack Sleeping Protesters

  17 February 2011

This post is part of our special coverage of Bahrain Protests 2011. At around 3am Bahrain time, as protesters were sleeping at Pearl Roundabout, police troops attacked them with guns, tear gas and excessive force – WITHOUT WARNING. Here are more reactions from Twitter on the frenzy that followed: @emile_hokayem:...