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Egypt: Trouble for Mubarak as Protests Continue

  30 January 2011

Mass protests are continuing for the sixth day in a row. Despite attempts at a total news blackout, against both citizen and mainstream media, news from Egypt continues to dominate the scene about demonstrations across the county, from Cairo and Alexandria. More trouble is also in store for Mubarak as journalists from government-backed papers change sides.

Egypt: Al Jazeera Cairo Bureau Shut

  30 January 2011

Egypt just shut down Al Jazeera's Cairo bureau, drawing outrage online. This comes after it switched off the Internet, in a bid to stop the world from seeing its people's revolution, where demonstrations against president Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule continue for the sixth day in a row.

Egypt: The World is Watching

  30 January 2011

As Egyptian demonstrators take to the streets for the sixth day in a row, netizens continue to pull all the stops to keep the world informed of what is happening on the ground. Here's a snapshot of reactions from Twitter this morning, compiled by Jordanian Nadine Toukan.

Egypt: When Mubarak's Speech Fires Back

  29 January 2011

After keeping quiet as protests raged Egypt for four days in a row, a defiant president Hosni Mubarak addressed the nation early today, calling protesters "gangs" and "thugs." He also fired the cabinet and said that he would reinstate a new cabinet today. Netizens from around the world are not only disappointed, but outraged with his speech.

Lebanon: Protest in Support of Egypt

  29 January 2011

A solidarity protest in support of the demonstrators in Egypt is taking place next to the Egyptian Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. Similar protests are being reported around the world, as Egyptians continue to rally against the 30-year rule of president Hosni Mubarak.

Egypt: Demonstrations Continue for Fifth Day

  29 January 2011

Widespread demonstrations continue to rock Egypt for the fifth day in a row, as netizens around the world continue to closely watch developments on the ground. Reports say the millions of demonstrators are taking to the streets to protest against president Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule.

Egypt: Is the Army on the People's Side?

  28 January 2011

Following massive protests across Egypt today, the army was deployed to enforce a night time curfew. On Twitter, the news was received with surprise, with reports that the army was on the people's side. Following is a selection of tweets from across the region.

Egypt: “The People Will Bring the Regime Down!”

  28 January 2011

People around the world were glued to their television and computer screens today, as Egyptians took to the streets after the noon Friday prayers. The Day of Rage marks the fourth day in a row for Egyptians to demonstrate against president Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule. Despite an Internet blackout, news continued to flow through satellite channels, with reports being rebroadcast on social networks by netizens.

Egypt: Countdown for Day of Rage Continues

  28 January 2011

Netizens from around the world are holding their breath, as widespread demonstrations are scheduled to begin in Egypt in less than an hour. International support is overwhelming, as well as a clear defiance to back Egyptian protesters and make their voices heard despite the total information blackout.

Egypt: Friday is the Day of Anger

  27 January 2011

The Egyptian Twittersphere is full of predictions of renewed demonstrations over the weekend. Dubbed the Million Egyptian March, Friday is expected to witness unprecedented protests across the country, despite government warnings that it would not tolerate any more unrest.

Egypt: What is Happening in Suez?

  27 January 2011

Different reports about clashes between the protestors and security forces are coming out of Suez, 129km east of the capital Cairo, as demonstrations across Egypt enter their third day. With mobile networks down, netizens are left scrambling for information. The question remains: What is happening in Suez?

Yemen: Thousands Protesting Against Saleh Rule

  27 January 2011

Reports of protests in Yemen are being received with delight across the Arab world, where netizens are showing a lot of support for their Yemeni brothers and sisters. On Twitter, the mood is jubilant, as netizens from around the world wished Yemen would go the Tunisian way, and oust Yemeni president Ali Abdulla Saleh, who has been in power for more than 30 years.

Egypt: After Twitter, Facebook Now Blocked

  26 January 2011

Egypt today blocked access to Facebook, as part of its clampdown on the transfer of information, following yesterday's protests. Also, yesterday, it blocked access to Twitter, jammed mobile communications in areas protesters were gathering in, and banned access to live video streaming site Bambuser.