Amira Al Hussaini · September, 2010

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Bahrain: Unwatchable TV

  28 September 2010

Mahmood Al Yousif, from Bahrain, is livid that more money is being pumped into Bahrain Television. He writes: “this .. television station must be the most invested in in the history of broadcast and it’s still a completely unwatched and unwatchable station. And when it is watched, on those rare...

Egypt: Cancer Statistics Alarm

  27 September 2010

“The former head of tumors institute revealed in a medical conference recently held in Cairo that between 150,000-200, 000 get cancer annually because of Insecticides, the carcinogenic insecticides used in our vegetables and fruits!!” writes Zeinobia, at Egyptian Chronicles.

Egypt: RIP Ahmed Maher

  27 September 2010

“Former Egyptian minister of foreign affairs Ahmed Maher passed away earlier today after a sudden heart attack according to Egyptian media,” writes Zeinobia, from Egypt.

Israel: Facebook Tags

  24 September 2010

David Bogner, from Israel, asks: “Am I the only one who is completely tired of receiving email notifications saying that [insert name of someone you kinda/sorta know] has tagged a picture/video of you on Facebook?”

Egypt: Mubarak Leads the World

  21 September 2010

A doctored photograph which appeared in an Egyptian paper showing Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak at the Washington Middle East peace meeting has been exposed. Issandr El Amrani, from The Arabist, sheds more light on the situation here.