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Mozambique: Political crisis in central city of Beira

  12 September 2008

Angry Renamo supporters poured onto the streets of Beira in a protest against the Party's decision of substituting current mayor Davis Simango by Manuel Pereira as the Renamo's candidate for municipal governance in the local elections taking place on November 2009. Historian Egidio Vaz writes on his blog an open letter to the Renamo President, Afonso Dhlakama.

Mozambique: Is corruption the best place to stand and fight?

  11 September 2008

After a long period of debate on donor cuts to Mozambican State Budget, Joe Hanlon, a British scholar joins the debate to comment on the Mozambican government positions. In his article tittled “Government stand up to donors-but is corruption the best place to stand and fight?“, Hanlon examines the whole...

Mozambique: Light at the end of the tunnel

  13 August 2008

Sweden and Switzerland have announced budget support cuts to Mozambique, over claims of lack of progress from the country's government in fighting corruption. Was it actually better for the country? Amílcar da Paz finds it out in a thought-provoking article by Mozambican Sociologist Elísio Macamo.