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Martinique: New Digicel Billboards

  9 June 2006

In the aftermath of Caribbean Telecom Giant Digicel's purchase of local telecom Bouygues, describes (Fr) changes in the billboard landscape: “We can already see new 4X3 billboards on the sides of [local] roads. After the mainly blue Bouygues billboards (…) the red of Digicel will compete with the blooming...

Kiskeya: Amnesty International Criticizes OAS

  9 June 2006

Collectif Haiti de Provence points to a Radio Kiskeya article which states (Fr): “Amnesty International criticized the Organization of American States (OAS) harshly for its complacency vis-a-vis blatant violations of human rights perpetrated against many on the continent, including Haitians in the Dominican Republic.”

Haiti Rejoins CARICOM

  9 June 2006

Collectif Haiti de Provence points to an AFP article that announces (Fr)Haiti's official rejoining of Caricom. Haiti temporarily ceased being a member of the 15-country Caribbean body in 2004, after the fall of then President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. CARICOM invited President Preval to attend the organization's next summit in July in...

A Monopoly-like Game to Carve out Africa

  5 June 2006

Mocking Africa, a French Monopoly-like game, Kangni Alem repeats the game's description [“Your goal is to explore, to conquer and to develop [the] new colonies. You will be able to betray alliances to exploit the lands of your adversaries, the goal being to own the most land at the end...

Latest in the Francophone African Blogosphere

  4 June 2006

PAN-AFRICAN For the United States of Africa Le Pangolin is fervently advocating for the dissolution of the current borders that separate African countries and that, he believes, weaken each individual African country: Je suis pour des Etats-Unis d’Afrique par zone géographique ou linguistique, car cela va permettre d’impliquer l’ensemble des...

Haiti: President and Mangos

  4 June 2006

AyitiCherieConnexion reacts (Fr) to a recent AlterPresse article about threats to Haitian mango production and exports by saying: “In essence the article warns us that Haiti risks loosing its place as a top producer of mangos (…) if the Haitian government does not intervene in regulating this industry. Don't we...

Haiti: Exhibit Commemorates Painter Jean-Rene Jerome

  2 June 2006

“‘Itineraries Through Canvas’ is the theme of a retrospective on the paintings and other artwork of diseased artist Jean-Rene Jerome which opened May 25 at Ateliers Jerome in Petion-Ville,” says an article by Fortestson Fénelon posted byCollectifHaitideProvence. “The exhibit retraces the painter's itinerary from 1965 to 1990.” The event commemorates...

Senegal: Blogging Mayor Proposes North-South Talks on Migrations

  2 June 2006

Reflecting on Senegal's drowned migrant crisis and migrations towards the West in general, Robert Sagna, the Mayor of Ziguinchor, Senegal blogs (Fr): “Developed countries (…) build quasi-impenetrable walls through “visas”. Visas (…) are not the right solution. (…) The youth from the South has chosen emigration. It is our responsibility...

Benin: President's Blog Calls for Citizen Input

  1 June 2006

On his blog, President Boni Yayi announces (Fr) a process he hopes will make Benin competitive: “I have started, with my team, a series of discussions with the daily actors in our key economic sectors. I think that nothing should be done without social collaboration and input. Any announcement made...

DRC: Western Press Turnaround

  1 June 2006

A recent article by Le Monde “finally looks at the Congo with sincere eyes,” says (Fr) blogger Tony Katombe. The article states that the DRC government includes “former war criminals, known incompetents and unscrupulous business-types.” The blogger credits [opposition party] UDPS, Bishop Laurent Monsengwo and his own efforts for this...


  1 June 2006

Tony Katombe contends (Fr) that [ruling party] PPRD paid many of those who participated in a gigantic march in its favor on Wednesday May 31. The march protested “negotiations demanded by the political opposition before elections.” The blogger also contrasts the authorities’ treatment of the PPRD march to that of...