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Russia: Bloggers Deconstruct Isolationist Propaganda

RuNet Echo  26 February 2011

As Russia is approaching another election cycle (in 2011 Russians are supposed to elect the Parliament and in 2012 – the president) the voices of state propagandists get louder. The upcoming election process, tamed and controlled by the President's office and the ruling party "United Russia," will be happening in the context of the Arabian "Spring of Nations 2.0." This fact inspires pro-Democracy activists, as well as regime advocates.

Russia: Ulyanovsk News Portal Under Attack for Exposing Politician

RuNet Echo  21 February 2011 had been DDOS-ed for publishing compromising materials on Igor Bulanov, deputy speaker of Ulyanovsk legislative assembly. The portal published details on police detaining Bulanov and finding drugs in his car's glove compartment. After Bulanov was refused to remove the compromising publication, journalists started to receive threats while their website...

Russia: Blog Mapping Project Launches

RuNet Echo  21 February 2011

Creators of crowdsourcing mapping service ambitiously aim to “unite all bloggers on one map.” Despite many incorrectly mapped blogs, the service offers quite unusual experience of finding Russian bloggers even in the most distant places [RUS].

Russia: Reactions to the “Safe Internet League”

RuNet Echo  15 February 2011

Radio Free Europe writes about the “Safe Internet League”, a new initiative that would use volunteer cyber squads to monitor and report ‘dangerous content.’ Reacting to the news, Jeffrey Carr at Forbes notes that “security services have masked a variety of oppressive actions under the more acceptable umbrella of cleaning...

Russia: Old and New Media Censorship Tactics

RuNet Echo  15 February 2011

In its yearly report Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) analyzes situation with Post-Soviet online expression, noting that online censorship in the region has become more subtle without losing efficiency. “Accidents befall Web servers, just as mysterious, unsolved crimes of violence silence the region's online journalists.”

Russia: Citizen Bloggers of 2010

RuNet Echo  8 February 2011

After a decade in the wilderness, Russian civil society is finding a powerful voice online. Alexey Sidorenko and Oliver Carroll profile seven citizen bloggers who are leading this charge. A co-publication with openDemocracy Russia

Russia: Review of the Environmental Blogosphere in January 2011

RuNet Echo  7 February 2011

Russian environmental blogosphere is a mixed bag of negative forecasts and positive initiatives, reports [RUS] in its January digest. While Alexey Yablokov, famous environmentalist and blogger, forecasts [RUS] several catastrophes (including one nuclear), Russian Environmental Movement publishes funny movie clips [RUS] agitating to save the planet.