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Russia: Online Activism Success Stories

RuNet Echo  25 October 2010

While Internet analysts across the Atlantic are busy arguing whether technology brings about social and political change or not, bloggers in Russia add their humble contributions to the debate, probably unaware that the debate is taking place at all. Their victories are small and not numerous; their impact can easily be attributed to statistical error - but they certainly are out there.

Russian Newsweek Closes

RuNet Echo  18 October 2010

Closure of Russian Newsweek provoked a lively reaction [RUS] among bloggers. One of the reasons for it is that the majority of Russian Newsweek's staff had blogs. Photomans posts [RUS] his press passes, Anticompromat complains that the whole archive of the magazine is inaccessible now, BFM explains why the closure...

Russia: Photos of Children's Camp Decorated as a Social Network

RuNet Echo  18 October 2010

Habrahabr user goodsprite posts pictures of the children's summer camp. Author, who worked at the camp, claimed that children had to register in Russian social network Photos depict camp's wallpapers decorated by hand-drawn illustrations of interface and various applications like “Happy Farmer” (analogue of “Farmwille”).

Russia: Bloggers Meet With Iranian Ambassador, Avoid Sensitive Topics

RuNet Echo  7 October 2010

The meeting of Russia's top-bloggers with the Iranian Ambassador in Moscow three days after Hossein Derakhshan had been sentenced to 19.5 years of imprisonment for "anti-government propaganda" highlighted the clumsy attempts of the Iranian online diplomacy in Russia. It also showed commercialization and excessive cynicism of some of the popular Russian bloggers.

Russia: Police Proposes Internet Traffic Control

RuNet Echo  6 October 2010

Internet news portal Cnews writes [RUS] about the latest proposal by the IT-department of the Russian police to require Internet providers to block (on court demand) “illegal traffic.” If the proposal is put into legal form and approved, a number of law enforcement units (police, special services, prosecutor's office) will...

Russian Officials Push the Balance in Internet Governance

RuNet Echo  6 October 2010

Nezavisimaya Gazeta [RUS] and CircleID blog present two opposite viewpoints on the Russia's proposition to transform Internet governance process at ITU conference, that would allow the International Telecommunications Union veto ICANN decisions. While the former source considers it an effort to “de-Americanize” the Internet, the latter believes this is an attempt to bureaucratize the...