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Russia and US to Broaden Collaboration Online

RuNet Echo  26 February 2010 wrote [RUS] about the visit of the U.S. “innovation delegation” [EN] led by America's Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra [EN]. The plans of the Russian-U.S. cooperation include launching e-government Web sites and visits of Twitter, Cisco and Mozilla representatives to Russia in June 2010.

Russia: Sakhalin Island Fails to Connect to Broadband

RuNet Echo  26 February 2010

Blogger w7062c wrote [RUS] about two unsuccessful attempts to connect Sakhalin island [EN] (island in the Pacific north closer to Japan) to the broadband network of Russia. The third attempt is scheduled for 2011. Until then, 580,000 inhabitants of the island are able to go online via satellite only.

Russia: Government Supports Blogger School

RuNet Echo  24 February 2010 blogs [RUS] about a new online initiative: government-sponsored blogger schools that emerge in Tomsk (Siberia) [RUS] and Dagestan [RUS]. The Dagestan region has one of the lowest Internet penetration rates in the country. The schools involve the most popular Kremlin-affiliated bloggers.

Russia: Provider Sued For Not Blocking Web Sites

RuNet Echo  24 February 2010

The prosecutor's office of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Siberian region where most of Russia's oil comes from, filed a suit against a local Internet provider that refused to block “extremist” Web site, Regnum reported. However, there's no federal law that requires providers to block the sites.

Russia: Bloggers Remember Rock Legend

RuNet Echo  18 February 2010

In February, Russian bloggers celebrated a sad date. Ilya Kormiltsev, one of Russia’s most talented and controversial poets and songwriters, died of spine cancer three years ago. Kormiltsev’s death became the first and the most publicized death on the Russian Internet.

Russia: Bloggers Discuss Utilization of Old Books

RuNet Echo  18 February 2010

Libraries are throwing away old books due to old age and lack of readership, literary critic Alexander Zhitinski reported [RUS]. A library in Saint-Petersburg had to throw away all the books published before 1999. Mistreatment of books provoked a heated  discussion online [RUS] while  mainstream media ignored the subject.

Russia: Tracing City Buses in Real Time

RuNet Echo  15 February 2010

The city administration of Ryazan [ENG] in the Central Russia became the first in the country to launch an interactive map of the public buses [RUS], reported. Equipped with GPS devices, the buses can now be traced online in real time.

Russia: Copy-Paste Online To Become Illegal

RuNet Echo  13 February 2010

The Russian Telecommunications Agency is about to propose a new anti-plagiarism law that will require all Web sites to provide hyperlinks to the original source of the information that they use, newspaper Vedomosti reported [RUS]. Experts argue that the law will be hard to enforce.

Russia: More Prominent Reporters Go Online

RuNet Echo  13 February 2010

Another two popular Russian journalists started to blog recently, a contemporary artist Dmitri Vrubel reports [RUS]. The prominent reporters for the major Russian newspaper “Kommersant” Andrei Kolesnikov [RUS] and Valery Panyushkin [RUS] joined the community of bloggers.

Russia: Another Newspaper Web Site Attacked

RuNet Echo  13 February 2010

One of the most influential Russian business newspapers Vedomosti has been experiencing DoS-attacks [EN] for at least four days, reported [RUS]. This is the second DoS-attack on the major newspaper's Web site in 2010. A Web site of an oppositional weekly  Novaya Gazeta has also been attacked earlier [ENG].

Russia: Pictures and Videos of Arctic Winter

RuNet Echo  10 February 2010

Russian traveler Dan Kislov (a.k.a. LJ user nub1an) posted [RUS] a video and pictures of the Nenetsky Autonomous District [EN], one of the most perspective oil and gas provinces in the country. Oil towers, snowstorms and kilometers of unpopulated terrain.

Russia: Liberal Policy Report Provokes Online Debate

RuNet Echo  4 February 2010

The Institute Of Contemporary Development [EN], a think-tank related to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, recently presented a policy report “Russia of XXI Century: Image of the Desired Tomorrow” [RUS]. Recommending massive reforms of police, electoral system and strategic partnerships with the U.S. and E.U., the report provoked a big discussion...

Russia: Bloggers Saved Tourist's Life

RuNet Echo  4 February 2010

A blog campaign saved the life of Alexey Kalabin, a Russian tourist bitten by a snake in Indonesia, Svpressa reported. Desperate to contact a Russian insurance company, Kalabin's daughter Anna asked one of the top RuNet bloggers to spread the word online and that led to a happy ending.