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Russia: Political Dossier Web Site Shut Down

RuNet Echo  28 January 2010, a notorious Web site that publishes controversial dossiers on various Russian politicians and businessmen, has been allegedly closed following a court order, Elena Tokareva (a.k.a. LJ user elena-tokareva2) reported [RUS]. There are no further details on the issue but a mirror site has been launched with some of...

Russia: Prosecution Against Opposition Blogger Stopped

RuNet Echo  28 January 2010

The first criminal case against a blogger in Russia with a happy ending unfolded over a long period of time. After two years of investigation and three socio-linguistic assessments, experts didn't find any evidence of "incitement hatred against police and Russian Security Service officers." But the blogger's victory, however, is rather an exception than a rule.

Russia: Newspaper Web Site Hacked

RuNet Echo  26 January 2010

The Web site of a popular Russian newspaper “Novaya Gazeta” has been hacked today, RIA news agency reported [EN]. Allegedly, the attack has been provoked by the article [RUS] about a controversial demolition [ENG] of  houses at the luxury Rechnik neighborhood in Moscow.

Russia: Yandex Released Most Popular Search Queries in 2009

RuNet Echo  20 January 2010

Russia's most popular search engine published [RUS] top 10 search queries in 2009. Those are “New Year”, “Eurovision 2009″, “homework”, “GTA 4″, “High School Diploma exam”, “International Women's Day”, “Long Night of Museums”, “Swine Flu”, “The Sims 3″ and “Defender of the Fatherland Day.”

Russian Bloggers React to Haiti Earthquake

RuNet Echo  15 January 2010

Reaction of Russian bloggers to the devastating earthquake in Haiti is diverse and sometimes unexpected. The cataclysm provided an opportunity for sorrow, support, contemplation and self-observance.

Russian Orthodox Church Condemns Web Anonymity

RuNet Echo  11 January 2010

Russian Orthodox Church spokesperson Vsevolod Chaplin expressed concerns with “extremist ideas” that spread out on the Internet and called for the limitation of Web anonymity, reports [RUS]. The statement provoked heated discussions [RUS] on RuNet.