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Russia: Website Administrator Faces Trial on Libelling

RuNet Echo  26 November 2009

Alexander Batalov, a former administrator of the official Web site for the town of Irbit, faces libel charges for anonymous comments left by someone else on the site. Batalov is accused of allowing unapropriate comments online and, if found guilty, will be required to pay $8,000 penalty. The full story...

Russia: Local Authorities Slow Broadband Development

RuNet Echo  20 November 2009

On November 10, activists held a rally calling for broadband Internet and protesting against Internet provider monopoly in the township of Kraskovo (Moscow region, 10 km from the Moscow beltroad). This is the first known case of a protest dedicated to the defense of the Internet rights in Russia. The event also raised the issue of the overregulatedness of the process of Internet providing in the country.

Russia: 6,5 percent of all Web sites are Russian

RuNet Echo  20 November 2009

There are 15 million Web sites in the Russian segment of the Internet. They account for 6,5 percent of all Web sites available online. An average Russian Web site contains 255 pages, 159 thousand words, and 204 images.  These facts were revealed in the latest research “The Runet Content” by...

Russia: Young People Trust Internet

RuNet Echo  18 November 2009

Fifty one percent of young Russians (ages 16 – 24) consider the Internet a reliable source of information. This makes the Internet the second most trustworthy source  after TV among the youth.  This and other findings are available in a newly published report [RUS] by the Public Opinion Foundation.

Russia: Bloggers Discuss 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

RuNet Echo  9 November 2009

Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall just a handful of Russian bloggers mention what some call "the most important event in the history of the 20th century." Some use the date to remind readers about the current political situation, others practice their cynicism, but most ask themselves: "Why no one talks about this date? Why is it not publicly celebrated?"

Russia: Blogger Throws Shoe at Samara Mayor

RuNet Echo  4 November 2009

Looks like political shoe-throwing is becoming mainstream not only in Iraq. The world has seen the sixth case recently, when, during a press conference, Vitaly Papilkin (aka LJ user papilkin [RUS]) threw his shoe at Samara mayor Viktor Tarhov, elected to his post in one of Russia's largest cities (pop....