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Yet Another Political Status Referendum in Puerto Rico

  7 November 2012

In the fourth political status referendum in its history, Puerto Rico is prepared to choose whether to be annexed to the United States, independent, or a sovereign US commonwealth. Given that the vote, regardless of the results, does not bind Congress to act in any way, —and the failure of three previous referendums—, there is little hope that any change in political relations will be achieved between Puerto Rico and the United States.

Colombia: The “Lleras Law” and Content Creation

  20 October 2012

We talk with Pilar Sáenz of the Karisma Foundation about the evolution of the controversial Lleras Law, which changes the framework for legislation and regulation of copyrights and intellectual property. Furthermore, we present a video with producer Armadillo Media TV about how the creativity of Colombian internet users could be affected by this law.

The Venezuelan Elections, From Panama

  11 October 2012

The Venezuelan presidential elections were followed with interest in Panama, both by the Venezuelan community in the country and by Panamanians interested in what would happen in the neighboring country.

Mujeres Mundi, “What is the Role of Women in Your Society?”

  6 September 2012

In the first part of this interview, Xaviera Medina told us about her blog, Mujeres Mundi, where she publishes interviews with women around the world. In this second part, Xaviera talks about the importance of sharing these interviews with people that speak other languages. She also talks about a project entitled "What is the role of women in your society?"

Venezuela: Fencing Win Brings First Gold Medal in 44 years

  6 August 2012

Venezuela enthusiastically celebrated their first Olympic gold since 1968 as Rubén Limardo won a gold medal in fencing at the London 2012 Games. One blogger commented: "Known around the world for their beauty queens, oil richness, and love of baseball, the olympic gold of fencer Rubén Limardo deepens Venezuela's foray into the sporting world."

Spain: King's Controversial Son-in-law Gets Salary in Millions

  23 July 2012

Amid austerity cuts, the Duke of Palma and son-in-law of the King of Spain Iñaki Urdangarín's new salary has caused a scandal in the country. Urdangarín will receive a 1.5 million euro salary as well as 1.2 million euro in-kind this year, after renewing his contract with the telecommunications company Telefónica. Urdangarín is also currently being investigated for misappropriating public funds, for which he could be sentenced up to 18 years in prison.

Puerto Rico: Strong Support for Land and Agriculture

  19 July 2012

Various organizations have warned about the food dependency of Puerto Rico and the urgency of revitalizing the agriculture of the country. It was with this reason that a demonstration was held to demand that the University of Puerto Rico not be forced to give part of its agricultural land to the municipality of Gurabo for the construction of infrastructure.

United States: Crucial Decision on Anti-Immigrant Law

  2 July 2012

The United States Supreme Court recently issued their ruling in the case Arizona v. United States. The court struck down three of the four provisions of the controversial law SB 1070, but sent back to the lower court for consideration the provision that gives authorities the power to detain people that are suspected of lacking legal documents in Arizona.

Peru: Amazonian Indigenous Communities Protest Against Oil Pollution

  23 June 2012

The announcement that hydrocarbon reserves currently used for oil drilling will be put up for auction has put the people of the indigenous communities of the Pastaza river, in the Peruvian Amazon, on alert. For years, these indigenous communities have been condemning the effects of pollution on their ancestral lands and on themselves.