Ahmed Al-Omran · November, 2005

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Pulse of the Saudi Blogosphere

  24 November 2005

This week was even quieter than last week in the Saudi blogosphere. However, we can still find some interesting posts from here and there. Unfortunately, most of our featured posts for this week are in Arabic. I know that most of you can't read Arabic, so I tried my best...

Pulse of the Saudi Blogosphere

  17 November 2005

This week was a little bit quiet at the Saudi blogosphere. Probably most bloggers have decided to the chance of the very nice weather in Saudi Arabia these days by camping in the desert or going to the beach. However, there were several posts of note, so let's take a...

Pulse of the Saudi Blogosphere

  10 November 2005

Eid is an occasion of amusement, a time of the year people always relate to with happiness and joy. However, for some Saudi bloggers, this Eid was a little different. For example, Nzingha did not have fun, and thinks that Eids “are generally boring anyway.” Meanwhile, Riyadhawi have decided to...