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Indonesia: Young Athlete Late for Olympic Debut

  1 August 2012

Indonesia's debut in the 2012 London Olympics became controversial after the youngest member of the contingent arrived late for the shooting competition. The 16 year-old athlete explained the ordeal on her twitter account. Netizens react with frustration and bewilderment.

Indonesia: “Jokowi vs Foke” in Jakarta Governor Election Run-Off

  20 July 2012

It's going to be a “Jokowi vs Foke” showdown in the Jakarta, Indonesia governor election run-off in September. Jokowi is a mayor of Solo City in Central Java while Foke is the incumbent governor of Jakarta. Netizens actively shared their views on issues that candidates must address in the campaign

Indonesia: Geography Lesson For Justin Bieber

  6 May 2012

While explaining the creative process for one of his new tracks, singer Justin Bieber said that it was recorded in some “random country”. The random country is Indonesia and it angered many netizens and even some of his local fans

Indonesia: Should Mosques Lower Prayer Volume?

  2 May 2012

Mosques in Indonesia use loudspeakers to broadcast “adzan” five times a day reminding people to pray. Recently, the country's Vice President urged mosques to lower the prayer call volume in order not to disturb people, but the suggestion has sparked a debate.

Indonesia: Popular Minister Starts His Twitter Account

  17 April 2012

Dahlan Iskan, the popular State Enterprises Minister of Indonesia, has caused another hype in the virtual world after starting his Twitter account. In the past week, some netizens were able to express their concerns directly to the Minister through Twitter.