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Kazakhstan: 6% of .kz Domain Works

  24 March 2008

KZBlog reports that according to a media outlet's research, there are 16 431 domains that end in .kz, but of those only around 1 000 are actually functioning. Many of the idle .kz domains were bought in the hopes of selling them.

Afghanistan: Russia-NATO Near Deal

  24 March 2008

Patrick Frost says that a deal is in the works between NATO and the Russian government for greater cooperation in Afghanistan. The looming deal would possibly allow NATO troops the use of Russian land and airspace, the possible leasing of Russian planes and trains, and Russian training for Afghan helicopter...

Afghanistan: Warlord as “Person of the Year”

  24 March 2008

Joshua Foust reports that Radio Free Afghanistan has named Gul Agha Sherzai, the governor of Nangarhar province, “Person of the Year” for advancing the cause of democracy, human rights, the rule of law, and reconstruction, and criticizes this award for shallow insight.

Kazakhstan: Oddities of the Digital Present

  20 March 2008

In the most recent counple of weeks the Kazakhstani blogosphere – usually heavily politicized – was focused more on the developments in telecoms sector and Internet-related novelties in Kazakhstan. The country's authorities are still aiming to enter top 50 of the most competitive countries, although the Economist's index of “e-readiness”...

Kyrgyzstan: Youth Is Flashmobbing in Protest

  19 March 2008

Azamat offers a photo-report on the flash-mob organized by youth activists against the Kyrgyz government. They put on masks of sheep and one of them put a mask of a bull and wore boxing gloves, representing the ruling party and the president of Kyrgyzstan.

Kazakhstan: Turkish Saga Continued

  19 March 2008

Zhanna Zhukova reports on unexpected continuation of the story around the attack on Turkish construction company’s workers in Almaty, as Turkish side accuses the Kazakh president’s relatives of raider attack and illegal pressure.

Kyrgyzstan: Maternal Leaves Extended

  18 March 2008

GenderStan reports that the Kygyzstani parliament has extended maternal leaves to three years, and notes that from the woman’s point of view, it can turn into an employment issue, as employers are not generally happy about hiring young women because of the pregnancy risk.