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I blog at No Longer At Ease, on politics; mainly focusing on East Africa and Middle East issues. I'm a native Arabic and Somali speaker, and learning Farsi. Currently based in Qatar.

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On Somalis in the new Kenyan cabinet

  6 May 2008

What issues are dominating the Somali blogosphere? Let's take a quick tour: Kenya-Somali writes about the new Kenyan cabinet and the Somali representation in it: It's good to see many Somalis who are serving in the Grand Coalition. Mr. Yussuf Haji as Defence Minister, Elmi as Minister for Northern Kenya...

Introduction to Somali Blogosphere

  16 January 2008

The first roundup of Somali blogs, a small but steadily growing segment of the African blogsphere. Most Somali bloggers, predictably perhaps, are young, based outside Somalia and write in English.

Egyptian judiciary grants electronic publications rights

Blogger Wael Abbas writes about the Egyptian court's decision to grant online publications – including blogs – the same freedom as print media. Wael reposted the text of the ruling, the final paragraph of which says (Ar): إذ أن حجب موقع بالصحافة الاليكترونية هو من ذات جنس حظر صحيفة مكتوبة...