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The author is a social development professional and a journalist, and has been affiliated with different Sindhi and English newspapers and newsmagazines at different times. He writes for Dawn's periodicals, Express Tribune Blogs and his personal blog, møsaic, found at http://mespeaks.wordpress.com/.

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Pakistan: Immediate Reactions on the Death of Sindhi Nationalist Leader

  7 April 2012

On 23rd of March, Karachi (Sindh) hosted a massive rally for the independence of Sindh from the Pakistani state which was organized by the Long-Live Sindh National Front (JSQM) under the leadership of Bashir Khan Qureshi. Pakistani netizens express their reactions on the sudden and untimely death of Bashir Khan Qureshi at Sakrand, a small town in Sindh in the early hours of Saturday.

Pakistan: Demand for Independence of Sindh

  28 March 2012

A freedom march organized by one of the biggest Sindhi nationalist parties, has drawn a huge crowd in Karachi city. The news was either blocked or under-reported in most of the Pakistani mainstream Urdu media channels.

Pakistan: Osama’s Death – Different Perspectives

  3 May 2011

The news of the death of Osama Bin Laden is still creating commotion in world media and especially in social media. Aamir Raz Soomro from Karachi brings to us some different perspectives on how Pakistanis on social media reacted to this eventful news.

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