The majority of Global Voices contributors are volunteers, but we also have some paid editorships and leadership positions. If you wish to get involved as an author, please check our author application page. If you wish to join our translation efforts, please use this contact form.

Global Voices is an equal opportunity employer and has no physical headquarters. Applications from citizens of all countries are welcome. For best results, please read our About page and FAQs before applying to any role. Contact information and further details can be found within the job postings.

Current Listings 

Global Voices seeks a Lingua Director, to oversee multilingual projects and initiatives

Global Voices seeks an Executive Director

Previous Listings 

Global Voices seeks an Administration and Operations Manager

Global Voices seeks a manager for our Lingua project, to lead our translation communities and activities

Global Voices seeks researchers to participate in our Civic Media Observatory projects

8 Reasons to Work for Global Voices

  1. Our people: You won’t come across a more diverse, understanding, passionate, kind and giving community than Global Voices. When we aren’t reporting the best of citizen and social web on Global Voices, we are busy being change-makers. Our borderless, largely volunteer community of more than 800 writers, activists, online media experts and translators are also influential journalists, politicians, academics, entrepreneurs and activists in their own countries.
  2. Our culture: We value curiosity, honesty and connectedness in the name of understanding and friendship across borders. Our goal is to empower people who value justice, equality and empathy.
  3. Our mission: We are a mission-driven non-profit. All Global Voices staff members uphold our culture working towards the collective good of our community, our organization and our online audience. We work to find the most compelling and important stories coming from marginalized and misrepresented communities. We speak out against online censorship and support new ways for people to gain access to the Internet.
  4. We are virtual: We don’t have a physical office, but work as a virtual community across multiple time zones, often from our homes, cafés or public libraries. The means you can work from home in your pajamas or while you are travelling the world (as long as you have a reliable internet connection).
  5. Our innovative newsroom: Global Voices has been leading the conversation on citizen media reporting since 2005. Our newsroom is unique – it's completely virtual, our writers are volunteers, our sources are multilingual and live on the Internet. Our newsgathering focus is on trending news, freedom of speech issues, online censorship, activism, and stories that are underreported or misrepresented in mainstream media. We curate, verify and translate trending news and stories you might be missing on the Internet, from blogs, independent press and social media in 167 countries. Many of the world's most interesting and important stories aren't in just one place. Sometimes they’re scattered in bits and pieces across the Internet, in blog posts and tweets, and in multiple languages. These are the stories we accurately report on Global Voices—and translate into up to 30 languages, including Malagasy, Bangla and Aymara.
  6. Editorial values you can brag about:Since we are a mission-driven newsroom, we’ve developed a nuanced and rigorous editorial code that does justice to our activism and journalistic integrity.
  7. Our summits: We organize summits for our global contributors and the public to meet face-to-face. Hundreds have met in eight different countries in the past 10 years. Our summits and Arab Bloggers Meetings (we held the first one three years before the official “Arab Spring”) have gathered the most innovative and inspirational digital and citizen media activists around the world for workshops and discussions. The two- to four-day meetings spark new friendships and impressive collaborations across borders. Great food, excursions and music always finds a place in the schedule.
  8. Access to a friendly travel guide, almost everywhere: Many of us find excuses to travel and meet Global Voices colleagues across the world. We are a community of curious and thrifty travelers who tend to keep our couches reserved for fellow Global Voices members.