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WATCH/LISTEN: “Beyond the Protest Square,” a conversation with Tanya Lokot

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In her new book, “Beyond the Protest Square: Digital Media and Augmented Dissent [1],” media scholar Tanya Lokot [2] argues that “the augmented reality of protest goes beyond the bodies, the tents, and the cobblestones in the protest square, incorporating live streams, different time zones, encrypted conversations, and simultaneous translation of protest updates into different languages.”

On June 17 Global Voices’ executive director Ivan Sigal sat down with Tanya for a conversation about the book, which is based on interviews with protest participants and ethnographic analysis of online content from Ukraine and Russia.

Tanya is an Associate Professor in Digital Media and Society in the School of Communications at Dublin City University, as well as Global Voices’ Eastern Europe Editor.

globalvoices [3] · A conversation w/ media scholar Tanya Lokot About Her Book “Beyond The Protest Square” [4]