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Global Voices is 15!

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December 2004. You had to be a university student to use Facebook, Twitter didn’t yet exist, and trolls still lived mostly under bridges in fairy tales. Our phones were dumb, a leak was something you called in the plumber to fix, and there were still some things Amazon.com didn’t sell. There was a diversity of independent news sites, blogging was alive and well, and we actually talked to each other online. And Global Voices was born.

That makes it 15 years since we’ve been at it! In dog years, that’s 110 [1]. In internet years, it’s practically a millennium.

Today we want to take a moment to thank our brilliant global community of contributors and our faithful readers and supporters for giving Global Voices the strength and energy to endure. Since 2004, we’ve helped make some of the biggest stories in the world. We've published almost 100,000 posts, created sections devoted to empowering local and underrepresented communities to use digital media [2] and to defending online rights [3], as well as built a community of translators [4] working in over 51 languages. Without you, there would be no Global Voices.

Help us make it another 15. We really mean that—we need your help. Donations from individuals help us preserve our independence and allows us to take risks to grow and change. Please support us [5] today!

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