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Global Voices is seeking an Advocacy Director

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Global Voices is seeking an Advocacy Director to guide our reporting, activism and research on freedom of expression and the digital rights field [1].

We are seeking candidates with deep knowledge of global digital rights issues, experience conceptualizing and building media, research and advocacy projects, writing about or advocating for digital rights issues, and working with a globally distributed team.

Global Voices is a global, virtual media organization with staff, contractors and volunteer contributors on every continent. Our contributors undertake writing, research, advocacy and translation to highlight stories and perspectives from around the world that are underrepresented in international mainstream media.

We recognize that universal human rights to free expression, access to information, and privacy are being challenged by governments, companies, and other powerful actors worldwide. We believe that the Global Voices community is uniquely positioned to document and explain these threats. Our Advox project aims to leverage our great strength – our networks, our knowledge, and the voices we amplify – to demonstrate the many ways that technology can enable and be used to violate human rights, with a particular focus on free expression.

The Advocacy Director will guide these efforts, both as a leader and as a mentor to our many community members who are working to highlight threats to digital rights and free expression in their own communities. The Advocacy Director will serve as a bridge between the Global Voices community and other key communities and networks of digital rights activists and experts around the world. The ideal candidate will demonstrate an ability to support, connect and amplify the many voices speaking out on these issues.

The Advocacy Director will work with our distributed community of volunteers and our newsroom team to oversee strategic editorial outputs under the Advox mantle. The Advocacy Director will also be part of Global Voices’ core leadership team.

The ideal candidate will have fluency in English and at least one other language, and at least three years of experience in the following areas:

And have proven skills in the following areas:

All applicants should demonstrate a strong commitment to Global Voices’ mission and values. [2]

There is no geographic requirement associated with this position; Global Voices has no office or physical headquarters. Candidates must have consistent, reliable access to broadband internet connectivity, be comfortable working in a wholly virtual environment, and be prepared to make around five international work trips per year. The Advocacy Director will report to the Global Voices Executive Director and Managing Director.

We strongly welcome candidates from outside North America and Western Europe and encourage people currently contributing to Global Voices to apply.

The position is near full-time or full-time but will be treated as a freelance contract.

To apply, please send the following to jobs AT globalvoices DOT org:

Applications will be accepted until midnight EST (GMT -4) on June 15, 2019.