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This Twitter account celebrates women in Japan, one short profile a day

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nakano [1]

Photo of an actress posing as Nakano Takeko [1], a famous female warrior and military leader who fought and died during the final years of the Shogunate in Japan. Image from Wikipedia [2], public domain.

Celebrating Women in Japan [3] is a project that publishes short profiles of prominent women in Japan on Facebook [4] and Twitter [3] once a day, every day.

One recent woman profiled was influential [5] manga creator Rumiko Takahashi.

The project is spearheaded by Melanie Brock [10], an international business consultant in Japan and was inspired by a similar campaign conducted by Kirstin Ferguson [11] in 2017. Ferguson, from Australia, wanted to counter online abuse regularly directed at women by using the hashtag #celebratingwomen [12] as a “way to see more celebration and less denigration of women.”

Often the women profiled by Celebrating Women in Japan have advice for other women trying to succeed in their careers or life in general. Keiko Kojima [13], a Japanese scholar, television personality and essayist, was first interviewed by Celebrating Women in Japan in 2018 [14]. Her advice?

Not all of the women profiled by Celebrating Women in Japan are originally from Japan itself. Based in the regional city of Hiroshima in western Japan, Rachel Nicholson is a successful translator, entrepreneur, and media personality:

The common theme of the daily profiles is that the celebrated women come from all walks of life, and all have experienced unique challenges and successes.